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Here's what you will discover:

By understanding a few simple concepts, you will create the most crystal-clear, dopest sound coming from your DAW (digital audio workstation) - the kind of sound that competes on today's radio and internet broadcasting standards and puts you in line with the big cats.

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My Song Charted in the Top 100 --
a track I produced at home on my computer

Indie Producers... Songwriters...

Rappers and Hip Hop Artists... read on...

I'm a producer just like you. I totally get off on writing dope lyrics, creating beats, and mixing RnB and Rap vocals. I also play rock guitar, so I like to crank my amp up and record tracks onto my computer using a microphone. Sometimes, I'll just buy beats online and record my own rap or RnB vocals on top of it, mix it down and put out the song.

When I started out, I used to get the most lame sound quality when I did my final mixdown. I couldn't figure out how to make it sound good to save my life!

In fact, you'll probably even hear that in some of my real early tracks, you might find some online if you look hard enough... I have a ton of stuff out there.

But my new stuff? Get outta town, it's SICK-sounding!

I mean in a good way — my grooves sound like they're coming from outer space now! Sometimes I can't even believe how good my tracks sound.

Why is my music production quality so much better now,

than it was a few years ago?

After a lot of trial and error, I discovered the secret that makes my mixdowns sound crystal clear, even more than realistic – larger than life!

I used to have so many problems trying to get a good sound.

But now, I don't have to deal with problems like these anymore:

distorted or unclear sound on the mixdown

vocals or other parts sounding like a transistor radio

really bad EQ – sometimes the vocals are either unclear, or piercingly painful

feels like all my tracks are competing with each other, I can't get them all clear in the mix no matter how much I play with the sliders or EQ

some of my tracks sound clear, like the beat, but other parts, like the vocals, sound fuzzy

when I listen to my song next to songs on the radio, it just doesn't compete

the writing and arranging is good — just the track quality sounds like $hit!

frustrations arising because you just don't know what you're doing wrong!

I remember spending days and days which turned into weeks and weeks on the same song, trying this, trying that, never being satisfied with the final mixdown for mastering.

But that was before I learned the simple secret that finally allowed me to make professional sounding music on my computer!

I call myself Funkmeister H. and I've been a working musician, performer, writer and producer for a lonnnnng time. I have had songs I've written recorded and released on some big record companies, for some big name stars and producers, on some pretty big record labels, including United Artists, for one. I have worked with some big names in the industry. I can't disclose their names here, because I don't assume they would appreciate being associated with a commercial product without royalty agreements! A search on the internet would probably uncover the information if you really need to look it up. You can take my word for it – I've been around in this industry.

My close musician friends call me "the Doctor" because they view me as some kind of musical "mad scientist"! (Although ‘Super Producer' is probably a more accurate name, it doesn't sound quite as cool as the Doctor!)

I've even been able to get a song in the top 100 international charts, topping at #75 in the adult contemporary genre – a song I wrote, produced and promoted myself, 100% right from my own home, back in 2010! True it wasn't a number one, but hey, I'll take #75 over # nothing. Especially for something I cooked up right in my own room.

I'm a musician at heart, through and through, but my "real" job for years was as a software engineer, and I've worked for some big fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft. But that was after I'd worked the club circuits for a lot of years in my teens and twenties.

Those days were before you could just plug into a computer and record music – to get a decent recording of one song, you'd either have to invest in a ton of analog tape recording and mixing equipment, or invest a small fortune in studio time by the hour.

Take your pick — as a working musician, you had to make a choice between eating and recording, unless you had a backer. Let's just say that I did put out some nice tracks in those days, but I ate a lot of peanut butter sandwiches, too.

But not anymore! Digital recording on your computer has been available to producers like you and me for quite some time, making music production almost free! I started learning it around 2000. My computer background really came in handy! There was a bit of a learning curve, but now some 12 years later, I know for sure the right way to make competitive, professional sounding music right from your computer, with very little, if any, extra expense. The secret is all in the know-how of setting up your hardware and software for the most optimum, crystal clear mixes, ones that will blow you away. Anyone can read and follow these tips to set up your system for an amazing result.

Like I said, I worked as a programmer for a lot of years. But since the economy crashed, believe it or not, there's more work in the music production industry than there ever has been before – more work than in programming these days! And it pays about the same or even better. So it's definitely worth your while to do whatever it takes to advance your knowledge in the music production industry.

My e-book will allow you to advance your career as a music producer about three years in one week's time, if you learn this material.

So you can't afford not to know this stuff.

"This Information is What Separates the Men from the Boys" When it Comes to Digital Recording on Your Computer!

I own a website where I provide music production services for the public, mainly mastering and mixing online, but I've also done a ton of productions from the ground up including a number of CD releases that I produced personally.

Over my years helping people with their music,  I've heard it all... From world-class artists bringing me expensive mixes that knocked my socks off, and are a complete pleasure to master, and go on to become hits — to school kids, recording rap songs about their girlfriends in their bedrooms, with a $10 cassette deck and a tiny plastic microphone, hoping that I'll master their joint till it's ready to compete with the high-end rappers' releases of today.

In this industry it's all about producing not just really good, competitive sounding music, but with the technology that's available today, you've got to make music that elevates itself way beyond the rest of the crowd.

There is one sure, hidden path to achieve this — no matter what equipment you record with on your computer –

and I know what that secret pathway is.

And I know that if you don't learn it now,

you will fail at every step.   It's a concept a lot of would-be producers still don't understand, and it has to do with ten simple steps to go over when reviewing your own computer recording setup. Whatever computer and audio interface you use to record with, these concepts will apply.   If you follow these ten simple steps, the quality of your finished music product is guaranteed to go through the roof.

The people who continue to produce music on their computers, but don't ‘get' this concept, are the ones that come out with terrible sounding tracks that won't get any further than their family, and possibly their close friends – you know, the people that love anything you do (or at least they say they do.)

But the people who DO understand this concept are the ones that are listened to seriously by the whole world. They're the ones that are producing top quality, professional music right on their own computer!

You Can Do This TOO!

Once you understand the concepts in my guide, making awesome sounding tracks just isn't that hard — and the best 5 words you'll read here today are the following:





I have put together a complete 23 page, no B.S. guide on how to produce professional sounding tracks right on your own computer. Here are just some of the benefits of this program:

You'll save time! You won't need to re-mix your tracks over and over again to try to get that elusive perfect sound — it will already be there the first time around. No, seriously!

You'll stop scratching your head, wondering why your tracks don't sound like the tracks that are making it these days.

You'll save Money — since your mixdown already sounds awesome, you won't be overspending on mastering and mixing from pros who know what they're doing, because YOU will know what you're doing right from the get-go. AND you'll know what THEY know.

You'll be able to kick start your new track ideas with crystal-clear penetrating mixes the first time around!

You'll make your music competitive with the PRO producers and stand up to compete with ANYTHING you hear on the radio today!

"This product will, in ten easy steps, turn an amateurish wannabe-producer into an accomplished, seasoned music producer, because it paves the way for production of crystal-clear, hard-hitting tracks, free of distortion when recording on your computer. By learning the concepts in this e-book, the uninitiated will have all the technical know-how needed to compete in today's musical marketplace in terms of the actual sound quality of their music."

Whether you're a seasoned hip hop, rap or RnB artist, a school-level aspiring young producer wanting to start your career early, or an up-and-coming Rock star – this product is for you.

Please note, If you don't fit into the catogories above – that's ok! This will still help you no matter what genre or level of the industry you happen to be in! This guide is applicable to ANYONE interested in producing professional sounding music on your computer at ANY level!

This information is easily worth $97. In fact, I'm considering raising the price after the next 100 copies are downloaded. But for the moment at least, I've decided to just give this ebook away to those who ask for it, as a service to the music community. So...

I'm giving it to you today... completely free.


You will receive our fully illustrated and annotated downloadable guidebook in the form of a pdf file. The file is under 4mb in size and is viewable on any system with Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available for free from Adobe's website.

You will also receive lifetime updates (as long as you stay subscribed to our mailing list) and other free bonuses, again as long as you stay on our list so we can contact you with all the updates.

You will also continue to receive timely tips on music production that will truly prove helpful in achieving your goals in the music production industry.

I have lot of fun in this music biz, epecially the recording side of it... I've worked with some pretty big names, too... and I've had some songs out on some big labels, as well as some success with indie releases. Now, I'm producing music that has charted internationally, and I'm doing it right at home, making Professional Sounding Music on my Computer with the Secret that Guarantees crystal-clear, hard-hitting mixdowns and tracks.

Now it's your turn!

To your success, and Let the JAMS begin!

Funkmeister H. (Hugh)


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Hugh (Funkmeister H.)

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Hugh (Funkmeister H.), Groove-Phonic Mastering & Mixing

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